Hello and welcome :DIt's summer for me now, and it  is (for now)  my favorite season. Why? No school, of course.  Not because I love the sweltering humid air nor the dashingly harsh Florida sun.  Particularly as it is the last summer before I have to grow up (i.e. go to college) I plan on being quite active on elfwood. So, for anyone who is kind enough to leave comments as of now I'll be doing my best to reply quickly and to return the favor (nudge nudge wink wink).As for my works on elfwood: unfortunately, much of this stuff is old. Most date from about 3 to 5 years ago, back when I had so much glorious time. . . but I'll prbably do a massive clean up soon, as soon as I can find newer things to upload. I draw lots of things fantasy/SF/horror related, though I almost never do computer-rendered pieces. I respect people who are able to create beautiful imagery with computers (it's just another medium, after all), but I like working with tangible materials.Well, enjoy! I like drawing , reading, crafts Favourite books The Dark Half by Stephen King, The Summoning by Bentley Little