Jessica Seidman

Hi y'all! how's it going? I hope you enjoy my gallery and leave helpful comments. I discovered anime and manga about eight years ago and been obsessed ever since. I'm a freshman in one of the top art schools in the country (SCAD) and I admit that I haven't visited or even remembered about my gallery here for over a year. This gallery was started when I was in 6th grade and I must say that my skill has greatly improved (if it hadn't I would be very scared). I dont update here much, but I do update my DeviantArt account, Babrok. Anyhoo, If someone is really reading this then I guess you can tell I ramble. well, see ya! adios amigos. Enjoy my gallery. bye. PLEASE NOTE: I have tried to date my pictures by the grade I was in when I drew them so that you can know that at this day and age I do not draw as I did in 6th grade. Take the time to read the dates before commenting since I don't need anymore comments saying how much my 6th grade self sucks at art.Last updated Nov 2009 I like I'm an artist (obviously) so I like to draw and create graphics. I also like to write... A LOT...and I play hockey, fish, run a business...yeps... Favourite movies Anything Stephen King, Stargate, Firefly....SciFi channel.... Favourite books Again, Anything Stephen King. I just read...I don't particularly remember what.. Favourite music I'm a metal head, I LOVE Disturbed and Godsmack...I also listen to anything else other than country and heavy rap.