Ross Thompson

I like I enjoy reading (when I have time and energy) and writing. I watch a lot of movies, preferably obscure ones. I am fascinated by anything involving nature, especially bird-watching. I am trying to learn to speak Serbian, as I spend every summer there. Finally, I am practicing Christian and my faith is very important to me. Favourite movies Movies- Ridley Scott's 'Legend' (my favourite movie), the original 'Alien' trilogy, 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', 'Dark City', 'the Dark Crystal', 'the Ninth Configuration' and the works of director Ishiro Honda. TV shows- 'Doctor Who', 'the Outer Limits', 'Babylon 5', 'the X-Files', 'Kolchak: the Night Stalker' and the puppet TV shows of Gerry Anderson. Favourite books I enjoy classic science-fiction and fantasy literature, particularly Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Robert Silverberg. Favourite music I prefer classical based music (late romantic-early modern periods). I also like instrumental synth works, for example by Vangelis and Isao Tomita. I collect film scores, my favourite composers being Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Akira Ifukube, Miklos Rozsa and Bernard Herrmann.

An Old Campaigner's Last Hurrah

I have always been interested that science-fiction and fantasy works that cross two, quite dissimilar genres, so this story is a fairly whimsical attempt to do an alien encounter tale with a WW2 setting. The hero of this story is Harry Crook, an elderly widower and former soldier who, due to the war, is a member of the Home Guard (a part-time army made up of men who, for whatever reason, be it age or illness, where unable to join the regular army and who were tasked with defended Britain from a Nazi invasion). One stormy autumn evening he joins his fellow soldiers in tracking down a possible German airplane that has been sighted in the countryside. What the platoon find, however, is a floating, crystalline craft totally beyond their wildest imaginations. The craft seems peaceful, but where does it come from and what is its intention? Is it a Nazi secret weapon, an angel, or a visitor from outer space?

Flies to Wanton Boys

    'Flies to Wanton Boys' is a longish kind of short story space opera, but with supernatural undertones. A couple of decades into the future, the Earth is suddenly bombarded by a huge shower of meteors that seem to originate from a vast radioactive cloud that has suddenly appeared in the Solar System. In order to investigate, the Japanese Space Agency craft Hirohito, equipped with the Yume drive- a device designed to safely accelerate the passage across space- proceeds to the area of Neptune, where the centre of the cloud is located. There, the Hirohito uncovers a floating graveyard of space-ships, of every possible shape or form, the remains of a vast space battle.      To the crew of the Hirohito, the graveyard promises the greatest scientific discovery of all time. However, to one crewman, Navigator Taro Nomura, the son of an undertaker, it is a vast mass of alien spirits, begging not to be disturbed in their final resting place. As the crew begin to explore the fallen war-machines, they find themselves suddenly possessed by the souls of a craft full of fallen telepaths, previously held in emergency storage in a vast crystaline latice within their ship. Only Nomura has the perception, and, indeed, the belief, to lead these lost alien spirits back to where they belong. Furthermore, the Hirohito is not the only craft attracted by this vast graveyard...