Dana Roth

I don’t do a whole lot of fanart. This is mostly because I am much too impatient and hasty, and I don’t have the patience to work until the character on my paper even vaguely resembles the character I’m shooting for . . . Eh. I do occasionally commit some to paper, though.



A section from a somewhat longer work... A little darker then anything I've written in awhile, and my attempt to free myself from writer's block. Eternity is definitely something not to wish on anyone, and it's nasty for relationships... Part of the reason I put this up here is that there's something definitely wrong with it, and I'd like any suggestions as to what it might be. Warning ahead of time - there's a smidge of swearing.

A Novel Concept

Although I love fantasy, I don't read a lot of it anymore. The problem, for me, is that so many of the novels out there are pulp fantasy - they have the same old plots warmed over again and again, with no original thought to them. Publishers and authors go with what's been successful before. It's not just fantasy that this happens, of course, but it still irks me. So this, of course, is a parody of a possible novel. Count the referances to other novels - there's a plentitude of them.

The Nutmeg Fairy - Part the First

Oh, dear. How do I explain this? I decided to try and combine two of my loves - parody and the American Revolutionary period - into a fantasy story. The following is the first of two (I think) parts - I haven't finished the rest, but I want suggestions and opinions ^.- This is a rather humorous story that begins rather seriously; it is set, from a purely technical view, in Connecticut, around 1777, if you’re curious. Anyway. Don’t be thrown off by the sad beginning. It’s . . . peculiar.

Chickadee's Song - Chapter One

Chapter 1, obviously. A little short, and not exactly heavy on explanation, but you kinda pick it up as you go along. The cat appears again at the end, but it focuses mostly on the two main characters for the actual story itself.


This is, and isn't, fantasy. It's basically almost my own thoughts - I've gotten wrapped up in a lot of MU* projects over the summer, and I have to admit they're beginning to drain of me. So I finally decided to start cutting back a little bit . . . This was inspired by that o.o; I don't know if it makes sense or not, just a random thought-train.

Fantasy Poesy

I'm going to establish right off the bat that I have no ear for poetry. Thus, I don't usually write it. That said, in the interest of broadening my horizons, I decided to write a small poem ^.^; About the nature of fantasy. It's short, and it makes no sense. It's also probably very bad quality - like I said, I don't know much of poetry, so I couldn't tell ya. But I hope you like it, anyhow.

Cruentus Epitaphium

Er . . . How do I explain this one? -.-; I was reading _Raptor Red_, by Robert T. Bakker, which is one of my favorite books, right before I wrote this. So, I decided to try writing a realistic story about what a dragon might have been like in the real world - and how it might have died. Bear with me, here o.O

A Declaration

All right, all right, so I do occasionally write poetry. Just not well. This is probably one of my stranger efforts, and it's not fantasy - just a slightly humorous opinion piece. I know some of the rhymes are questionable, but . . . honestly. What rhymes with wasp?

Chickadee's Song - Prologue

Revised and given a working title to boot! An attempt on my part to actually write an on-going and intense story. It's starting to flesh out in my mind, which is good ^.^;