Dani Rothe

Me in a few phrases: computer geek, band nerd, hockey fan, extreme sports nut. I'm a fairly active average young woman, who enjoys having fun and spending time with the people I love. Most of my art is born out of boredom during bad lectures and in between classes. I believe in the beauty of life, and I take my inspirations from emotions and my reactions to my every day experiences. I have a wonderful husband who loves and supports me in everything I do, and I don't know what I would do without him. Currently, I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, and I hope to move on to a successful career in software development and engineering. It wouldn't hurt if I could gain enough skill as an artist to make a few extra bucks there someday ;) but I'm expecting it to be more of a life long companion and hobby. Music is also a large inspiration to me, and I've been playing the flute for 12 years now. On the weekends I can either be found hitting the slopes in the winter time, out blading with my husband, clubbing with my friends, or sharing a blissful moment of silence with my soul mate in the warm solitude of our home. :) Also, any practiced artists, or just perceptive people, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase feel free to criticize my work. I'm a self taught artist, who can't seem to get into any art courses before they're closed at the university. So the only feedback I've ever gotten is my own perfectionism and whatever comments I get from my geek friends. Thanks! and enjoy!!! Other cool people you should go visit: Jessica! :) Very spiffy person. Hi Jess!' Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Watercolor goddess Brandon Lee - free lolly pops and sexy women galore ;) Sandra Leigh Wagner - Gorgeous realism and a warmhearted person to boot ;)