Shirley van der Horst

I luvvvvv to draw dragons and all sorts of fantasy characters!I'm 17 years old and i  hail from Canada. :) Have a gallery at DeviantArt too - I like Drawing, reading, doing some sports, listening to music and hanging out with my friends! :D Favourite movies Angel, Van Helsing, Underworld Evolution, Disturbia, House of Wax, Troy, POTC, LOTR, Holes, The Three Musquateers, King Arthur, KIngdom of Heaven, Juno, and just about anything with either Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt or vampires and dragons in it! Favourite books The Obsidian Trilogy, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Black Magicians Trilogy, Wild Magic, Shade's Children, Anything written by either Tamora Peirce, JRR Tolkein or Garth Nix is good for me!. Favourite music All of Paramores songs, I'm yours - Jason Mraz, Supermassive Black Hole - Muse, From Yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars ...oh! and I love film soundtracks!(especially LOTR soundtracks)