I AM NOW A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! LOOK FOR 'THE PEARL OF HEART, FIRST ALLIANCE' ON BOOKSHELVES SOON. YOU CAN FIND IT FIRST AT: My name is Maureen 'Wolffen' Wolff. I am 21 years old. I have been drawing and writing since I could hold a pencil. I own a house and live with four dogs. I share company with three Wolfdogs, Anaiu, Pippin, and Avatar and a German Shepherd Satyva. Anaiu and his pups are my recent inspiration for everything I do. I didn't draw anything fantasy until I was about 8, when we fostered a fawn for 4 days and it unfortunately died and I drew it in heaven with other winged deer. After that Dragons in my mind stemmed from dinosaurs and then my Iguana Spike when I was 10 years old. Unicorns sprang to life from my love of horses-of ALL colors. Wings of all types inspire my mind to fly away with ideas. During that glum time of High School as a Senior, my love of drawing was nearly squelched to nothing by a conformist art teacher that felt I needed to have a reference for EVERYTHING including the 'things' that made their way to the paper from my head. I lost my zeal for drawing for a year or two. This year, 2003, I retrieved that drive to draw and have been crazy at the mediums since. I am also on my way to becomming an Author, and with the release of my Novel, The Pearl of Heart, First Alliance, I hope to pursue my artistic and creative dreams more fully. I have a few excerpts from my novel posted in my Wyvern's site, so feel free to get a sneak peek that no one else has available to see without actually purchasing the book.