Mirtza Millard

Hello. It’s just a little Spyder. This is my own little web on the net. I've been drawing non-stop since I could move all my hands (which is proof practice doesnt always make perfect). Ahh yes ^_~ but an artist is never 'good' in his or her own eyes. There is a perpetual need for improvement. Comments, guideance, and suggestions are welcome. University is turning out to be a taxing affair. Feels like an eternity since I last updated So I've gathered me up a little pile Since my chances for purpousfull art are few and far between, much like my chances for sleep, many pictures that I have promised simply havent come into being yet. Everyone will have to settle for the delightfull randomness I end up with when I'm supposed to be takeing notes. My goal is to load this gallery to the max with good pictures, so I'll have excuse to delete the old icky ones that I dont like anymore. Please do not use any of my pictures without permission. Some of the concepts and characters are very very old and dear to me as children. I do requests (provided they are resonable)! PRINTS ARE AVALABLE. Contact me by IM or Email and we'll see what we can work out. I should be building a new website soon. It almost seems like Daddies site will be up forever....I hope it is. But as long as it lasts I will be the one to contact if you are interested in anything you see. The contacts you find on that site are no longer valid. Dad's place My friend Sean's stories. Give him all the support you can so he'll post more stuff! Sean's place