Roy Bos

Bahamutroy Is a Student in ICT and soon also on electronics, has almost no time to draw but when he does he tries to create the ultimate dragon species and publicate them for the visitors of Elfwood. He tries to create as many kinds of dragons and Hybrids as he can and love to have comment and send comment back at the person who likes or dislikes his work. Also a mayor Anime freak. The name 'Bahamut' means king of the Dragons, so his girl would get the name 'Tiamath....' means queen of the dragons (He is single ladies) :) Info on Bahamutroy's drawings: Home page for info on me, links, my hobbies and favorite stuff My Art Section For my drawings, sometimes there are more pics here, cause of the waiting time here on Elfwood. My Sample Page Here you can see my newest creation on wich I am still working. My Drawing Lesson Learning how to draw Dragons or Demons in my new style The 10 Dragon Species - By Bahamutroy Behemoth A Standard Dragon but without wings, some people call these kind of Dragons 'Lesser Dragons' Chinese Dragon A Snake like Dragon with a strange head with hair and whiskers Drake A Snake like Dragon but never has wings Hybrid A mix of a Dragon and other species could have any shape (Octopus or Shark or crab or even an Ant) Hydra A Dragon with 4 or more heads, a Dragon with 3 or less heads isn't a Hydra Sea Serpent A Dragon that lifes in the sea, could have all kinds of shapes, mostly slim Standard Dragon A Dragon with arms, legs and wings, the typical Dragon species Weapon A Dragon with human like upperbody, like Centaurs Wyrm A Snake like Dragon but without legs Wyvern A Dragon without arms and mostly slim