Rosalind Souter

Wow, I updated. Go me. Well, my various fandoms include anime, Farscape, Harry Potter and shounen ai. I like to have my ego fed. So please drop your comments in the box. Thank you.

The Goddess' song

This is a lil' piece of prose I wrote whilst listening to a song(Jenkins 'Adiemus) , it's part of 'The goddess' blessings' and might go up at the second part of the story.

The Star Watcher

An old priest who has watched the stars all his life, wonders if he's wasted his life.

Agent Pink part 1

This is my original anime/manga. It's about a girl called Hana Pink.. didn't you read the prologue?

Goddess' Blesings

Sekari is a young girl with a rare condition, she has a fairy! She meets a young woman named Jade who is about to change her life...

Prologue: Goddess' Blessings

This is the prologue to the main story, things make a lot more sense in the story if you read this..