Sandy Fangor' Moose

Konnichiha, Minna-san! Um... I finally went and finished uploading atleast 4 pictures so I can open my FanArt gallery. As you can see, there is quite a bit of Pokémon. I started out drawing pokémon, which explains why I now draw animals better than people. Although it doesn't really explain why I can't draw Squirtle, my favorite Pokémon... *shrugs* Ah, well... haven't got much up right now... I got some pretty good things up in My Lothlorian gallery, though. o o I posted Link. Yes I did. It's okay. Um... If there are any requests, you can leave it in a comment and if I feel like it I might do it! ^^;;; Yeah! I... guess that's all for now... Enjoy! -_-_- Hawk