Lotta Sörensen

What to say... I like painting music horse riding Favourite books neverwhere coraline eragon Favourite music pink floyd, muse, my chemical romance

Through the portal part 1

Normal 0 21 Souleater- I won’t see Trilliam again in a long time, until then we must walk separate paths. I must clear up things from my past and he must clear up things with his future. This is the story about what happend to Trilliam since he went through the gate. This Is the continuation of "The red light"

Through the portal part 4

Souleater- Normal 0 21 I had almost forgotten how wonderful it was to walk somewhere without people staring at you as if you were a monster or whispering behind your back. Here no one knew me and they even bumped into me with a “I’m sorry” or a “Excuse me”. This is probably the longest most boring chapter I've written so far... I'm sorry for that. There will come more parts as soon I have written them i the computer

Through the portal part 3

Normal 0 21 Souleater- The landscape was so different to the one I was used to. It almost looked as someone had built it a long time ago. There were sometimes hills and sometimes there could be a high square pillar so high I couldn’t see the top. Sometimes there were long walls or totally flat ground. But all this was hard to discern because of the darkness.  

Through the portal part 2

Souleater- Normal 0 21 Darkness was surrounding me and there was no return anymore. It was so dark, I wasn’t even sure if I had my eyes opened or closed. I didn’t know if I was awake or sleeping. I wasn’t sure if I was standing up or lying down. It was totally quiet. I didn’t know how long it had been like this. This is the story about what happend to Trilliam since he went through the gate. This Is the continuation of "The red light"


Normal 0 21 I will never love you again Not until the end of time I will stand in the rain I will look at the rime

Y-The lawyer

Normal 0 I’m sorry. You don’t need to listen but I need someone to talk with. Normal 0 You see it’s about this man I met.  OBS! This is a total random story!!!

The red light part 5

Normal 0 “Tell me to tell you your name!”

The red light part 4

Souleater- Normal 0 He had no eyes but two black holes going straight into his head(Ten minutes minutes before the light)

The red light part 3

Normal 0 Souleater - My name is Sion, remember that name because I want it back from you in the future (9 years ago)


Normal 0 I need to eat souls to survive, it’s not a thing I’m proud of

The red light part 2

Normal 0 Souleater- I saw a tall black man dressed in dark red cloths

The red light part 1

Normal 0 Souleater-Over the fireplace hung a red sphere of light that shined bright. I fell into the darkness reaching after the light with my mind.