Yisha Zhao

Well... ahem... anyways, long time no see eh? Wow. How long has it been? Four months? And how much do I have to upload? Only four pics. Please don't hurt me! >.I am sorry to say that an unfortunate event has happened. All of my art has been destroyed. Yes, every last one. How, you ask? Well, it's rather hard to believe... but they all fell down the sewer. I was rushing out of my house to catch the bus, and because my bookbag was too old (over 4 years) the zipper broke, and cause the bookbag to unopen, thus the reason why all my stuff fell out. And you see, there's this opening in the sidewalk in front of my house that leads to a sewer, and unfortunately, the binder with all my art was the one to fall in. So there you have it... I have lost all of my art. However, that will not stop me from drawing. I will continue with renewed strength to keep on drawing! Now, as for the people I still have art trades to do... I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a bit longer since all my art is now gone, I have to start over again. Sorry! Okay! Bio change... because... I just feel like it.... Anywhos, my name is up there in a real spiffy font, and I'm 16, SIXTEEN people... I keep getting asked if I'm 26.... I'm serious, once in the mall, this 30 year old guy was HITTING ON ME!!!! XD... I swear, I don't look THAT old. Anywhos, about me... hmmm, I'm currently a sophmore in high school, and I hate chemistry.... That stupid class is so confusing!!! Anyways, I'm short, and asian! Go me... woot... lol. Anywhos, I like anime and manga, and a whole bunch of series. I also watch chinese soap operas and such along with american ones. I can currently speak Chinese, and English, and I'm taking French and Latin in school, and I'm teaching myself Japanese! Wheeee!!!!! I'm also an idiot who writes in Latin on my French test and writes in French on my Latin test.... heh... anywhos, I LOVE drawing and reading, and just plain hanging out with my friends! I usually draw when I'm listening to music (can't live without music you know?). I ABSOLUTELY ADORE J-ROCK!!! I listen to Gackt(I worship this man, he's my GOD!!!), Malice Mizer, Swartze Stein, Klaha, Dir en Grey, Glay, Bump of Chicken, Peirrot, Luna Sea, L'arc en Ciel, Hide, Due le quartze, duel jewel, TMRevolution, Janne da arc, B'z, and a whole bunch of other ones!!! I LOVE JROCK!!!! Ahem... anywhos, yeah, that's about it... oh yeah, I'm also a grammar freak at times! ^^ Heehee, my friends hate it, but hey, that's okay! I'm not that picky! ^_~ Anywhos, visit my friends' pages OR I SHALL SICK THE WRATH OF MY KNEADED ERASER UPON YOU!!!! Ahem.... Anywhos, visit these people: Amanda-an AWESOME writer, and an online buddy! Go read her stuff! It's soooooo good! Perhaps one of the best stories I've read thus far! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?! GO READ HER STORIES, OR I SHALL HAUNT YOU WITH MY BAG OF SCENTED ERASERS FROM CHINA!!!!!! Jennie-one of my best buddies from Pennsylvania(a long way from Dallas)!!!! Go visit her art! I love her colors! ^_^ Tegan-another artist, currently doing an art trade with her!Nick-Awesome artist with sweet CG-ing skills! Go visit! Jonathan-Wonderful pics here! And such a cute style!!!! *huggles* Go visit! Now, onto other things... Requests?: Yes, I will do them, just e-mail me and bug me continuously or say something about it in the comment box. Commisions?: Yes, e-mail me, and we will talk it out, or just ask in the comment box. Art Trades?: Yes, just e-mail me or drop a line in the comment box!^^ Love art trades!