Erin Ruiz

Yami0204 here, that 21-year-old yaoi artist wannabe! XD; This is my fanart gallery thing! Not much to say except that I've got a lot of different fanarts done in different styles from all sorts of artists, manga-ka, and such.

Marionette: Report 2

Chapter 2 of Marionette. Stuff gets explained, yeah! And what's this? Shounen ai...? Well, not really. Oh, and an incredibly cute stuffed doggy comes into the picture! >^.^<

Endaria Chapter 1: The Birth of Gabriel

Wee, chapter one of the first journal entry I ever made as a senior in high school. This was an ongoing thing that was never finished in my Senior Journal. This is just a little intro to what will be a very strange but interesting story. WARNING: There will be a lot of shounen ai/yaoi stuff going on as the story progresses, so watch out!

Deception -Give Yourself to Me-

Um, this is Sano. Or, how I picture Sano's messed up mind. This is sick and I know it! >_< Especially since this is, like, a male vocal . . . If you're a girl, never try to get inside the mind of a boy or else something like this'll be produced!

Endaria Chapter 2: The Name of Gabriel

Just when you thought this would be serious I go and through this at you. Enter Mandar the uke! Also, enter what could be known as 'the totally .hack rip-off,' save that it's not due to things that will happen in the next two chapters. And please pardon any bad grammar. These were done for English class as rough drafts and not finished products.

Marionette: Report 1

This is actually chapter one. Chapters are labeled as reports because I don't like using the word 'chapter' in creative writing. Also, watch out for stuff that doesn't really make sense, a terrible ending, and a boy who talks too much for his own good. Speaking of him, you might wanna pay attention to the stuff he says. He may get off the subject sometimes, but most everything he says is important. Other than that, enjoy! ^.^

Marionette: Report 3

Chapter 3 of the Marionette series where things become confusing and nothing really gets answered, but there is some shounen ai hinting.

Marionette prologue

An experimental story about a cyborg/human trying to find his place in the world. This is an unofficial prologue to the story. I'm hoping for some feedback, if anyone's willing to give it.

Marionette Report: 5

Finally, I finished chapter 5! Now everyone who read chapter four when it was made Mod's Choice can stop bugging me! ^.^;; Just kidding, I liked all the comments. They gave me inspiration to actually go and finish this chapter. Anyway, this is the 'I need to explain stuff, so here's the explanation' chapter. All you ever were wondering about what goes on inside Zaphkiel's body is here. Plus, it's Dr. Simon's will! XD And, what's this?, Kiel's got a BROTHER?! Yes, he does... ^_^

Moonlight Densetsu ~Dream Chord~

Heh, I have no idea where this came from. I heard it in a dream, so I wrote it. It's kinda sad.

Lonely Angel

This is sad. A story in itself, this song was done when I was very unhappy. Ten sings it, since he's the lead vocal of Crash and Burn!, the band my characters are in. You can tell who does what in the band in songs sung by people other than Ten.

Marionette: Report 4

Yay! It took long enough, but here it is, chapter 4 of Marionette. *looks at comments* This story seems to be pretty popular... Don't worry! I'm working on the next installment! ^.^

Fallen Shard of Heaven

This was something thought up on a whim. I had been reading a vampire book and thought it might be interesting if I wrote one. So I did. It's cheezy, but I like it! ^_^

Endaria Chapter 3: The Life of Gabriel

The point where it stops being .hack-ish. That wasn't very long, now was it? Enter the actual plot, or the start of one at least. And, voila, nothing is explained!