H. Rummel

Before I say anything else, I want to say this. To everyone who has been poking around my shelf in the hopes of finding something new and has clicked away in disappointment, my truest and most sincere appologies. I have excuses! And a full third of them are semi-valid. You see, I've started 'living in the real world' (i.e. I'm going to college) and am being forced to 'find a way to make ends meet' (i.e. I have to go to class occasionally.) One would think this would be a good and valid excuse, except then I think about people like Jim Bowers who actually works and still finds time to write. And what's more, I have been making time to write, (Eh, who needs to study anyhow...) although most of what I've written can't go here. (Fan fiction for friends, roleplaying, and non-fantasy, non-sci-fi stuff. I need to make my own webpage...) Sadly, I'm afraid XP-21 and Freak High will not be finished in the near (or even distant) future. My apologies to everyone who has been hoping for more. Well, anyway, here's my linkies: James K. Bowers Sammi Murphey Emily McDurman Joshua A. Bacon Neil Harvey Kayla Summer

Lunar Fear

Set in a city on the moon, sometime in the relatively near future. Kinda scary, but not like, bad, or anything. Kinda thing you don't want to read late at night when you're home alone... There's a little religion. If you don't like that, don't read it. I ain't gonna take it out.

Papa's Story

This is a little something that came into my head. It's a cute beginning, although I'm not sure my Papa would tell me this story even now. It needs a better title, I know.... To be continued...

Freak High

Ever feel like you really just don't fit in at your school? Wish you could go somewhere where everybody else is just as wierd as you? Welcome to Rosewood Academy for exceptional students, a.k.a. Freak High. Everyone here has a genetic aberration, caused by the ever-so-popular genetic tampering as an infant. Don't you wish the docs would just leave well enough alone? Update May 13: I've changed a few of the names, but nothing major....

Tale of 2 Kitties (part 3)

after some incouragement, I devoted two study halls to the next chapter of the kitty story. (The dogs will be back in the next one!)


This is a little more personal than I normally get, but I guess we can get personal every once in a while. This is because of Someone (you know who you are, and I hope you're proud of yourself) but it's for all of us who've ever heard these words but have never been able to cry ourselves.

***NEW*** Papa's Story (2)

Part two of Papa's story, still in need of a better title

***New*** Of beauties and bounties (2)

The next chapter concerning the misadventures of a human bounty hunter in a very alien universe...

Tale of 2 Kitties (THE END!!!)

Okay, is everyone sitting down? Do any of you have heart problems? Okay, listen to this 'I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING!!!' ***Everyone who knows me falls dead of shock*** All joking aside, this is the grand ending of the 'Tale of 2 Kitties' series. Hope everyone likes it!

An Unpretentious Meeting

This is the first chapter of the 180-odd page novel, The Dragon Masters, that is currently in the 'editing' phase of its existance. (this chapter updated and edited)

Tale of 2 Kitties (part 4)

okay, more explaining going on, and after reading the last one, it was a little confusing! This one explains more! Enjoy! Only one more chapter to go!

A Gnome Monologue

This is an exerpt from my origional story, where a Gnome chieftan tells an ignorant Elf of the evil all men can do.


Crazy. Is that descrpitive enough for ya? Something that kinda came from a dream after watching Star Trek First Contact too late at night. Cyborg in a post-appocalyptic world. Like I said, Crazy!

A tale of 2 kitties

Well, this is like totally off of my normal type of writing, but it's a fun little story. I'm supposed to finish it for a college scholarship, but I don't see that happening till I'm out of medical school, so . . .

***NEW*** The Greatest Heroes

Spawned off of an obsession and a wierd dream... aren't all the best things in life like that?

Of beauties and bounties

I always wanted to be a bounty hunter. I mean, when I watched Star Wars, Boba Fett was da bomb! Who cares about the 'Han Solo' guy anyway? So I decided to be a bounty hunter. But here's a twist. Make her not annother 'Boba Fett' or 'Spike Spiegal' super-bounty-hunter that can fly through a meteor shower or shoot the feet off a fly. What if she's the worst bounty hunter ever? Sounds fun to me.... ^_^

***New*** Through a Demon's eyes...

well, this is my latest endevor, and a bit of a departure from my normal realms. I'm not sure exactly where the idea came from, but I find it fascinating, at least... *Note: Of all my stories, this is the most likely to be continued in a timely fashion...*

A tale of 2 kitties (part 2)

the second section of the crazy cat story. I'm stuck with total writer's block, so if you see the story going in any particular way, tell me!