Arianna Rumstein

I was born in Smithtown New York on January 4, 1989. I now Live in Missouri. Um, things that interest me are movies Labrynth, The Lost Boys, The Crow, Peter Pan, Moulin Rouge, Matrix, and Nightmare Before Christmas, Butterfly Effect, Secret Window, Edward Scissor hands, and some more. I love music from Malice Mizer<------ LOVE!!!!!!!! Marilyn Manson, Tool, TaTu, Nine Inch Nails, Gackt, Celtic, some old 80's stuff, to name a few. I LOVE Amy Brown art, Brian froud, Invader Zim and old skool nickelodeon cartoons lol, I Love theatre and writing and.... putting things in ** as to pantomime actions I see being played out with chibis in my head *dot dot dot... looking around...sneaky sneaky... snicker snicker... **steals hairbrushes from around the world***