James Russell

Thank you for veiwing my artwork. As you can tell I'm a huge fan of pencils and greys. I started drawing when I was 16 when a friend showed me how to draw more then just a stick figure. From there I ruined many a comic book by tracing on my homemade art pad. I then branched out and took a few art classes and just steadily been getting better as I get older. I'm only putting up my pencil works now, but as soon as I get more room to do some color works I shall post them up. I don't copy write my stuff so feel free to use it as you wish. Please leave comments good or bad and I'll gladly accept any advice regarding the use of colors (I can never get what I see in my mind down on the paper). ::Update 03/07/02:: Enlarged current pics for better veiwing, and added a bunch of character portraits that I have been doing over the last few weeks. ::Update 04/09/02:: Added three scetches, they are for a future project and are in the developing stages. I will add more on them as soon as they are completed. ::Update 05/15/02:: Added a colored pic of over the top, and a new group pic. Removed alot of character drawings and stuff. Enjoy