Ruth Monster' Browne

I have always been interested in writing, although my early stories could best be described as flops. Why do I like writing? Because I want to create my own world, filled with people, places, creatures and things that are completely of my own making and imagination. And I want to go beyond that - an entire universe, infinite, detailed and beautiful, allowing for an endless number of possibilities. That's why. Right. (According to Tom Holt, a good word that is very positive and affirmative while meaning absolutely nothing at all.)  Here's some  new info for anybody who might come across this page. My story has changed a lot. I have also started a new story. However, putting up stories on this site has become  impractical for me; I want to write for myself, and I also prefer to use more adult content than Elfwood allows. So no more stuff up here. :) Feel free to comment if you want to. If I do find a site more suited to the kind of writing I want to upload, I'll let people know. Mostly, though, this "personal info" thing is just a lonely monologue that only one or two people will ever read. Advice for anyone who comes across this page: nobody knows who you are and nobody cares what you write in your bio unless you MAKE them care. So go make them notice you. ^^ Bye bye *cookie*

Jude Ch. 10

Continuing from chapter 7, Rek fights with the second beast (which has led me to think of a Part One title, something like Two/Three Beasts -- chew on that! ;) Songs: Muse: Map of Your Head Cake: Short Skirt, Long Jacket Gorillaz: Kids With Guns This chapter is sponsored personally by my dog, Star. Enjoy! ^^


This is a glossary of terms and an appendix of various places and people that will be updated regularly so that translations won't be necessary in the actual text or story descriptions. It also helps to clarify certain aspects of the story. Please note that this is not a chapter! ^^

Jude Ch. 6

...moving on from chapter 5... The story returns to Rek and Milliaria in this chapter. Sorry if it seems a little slow, but I'm developing the characters. Continuous hardcore action would be fun, but shallow. So we have the (relatively) quiet, pastoral scenes in the life of Milliaria and Rek... or not... ;) Here it is, folks! 'Sret' is a swearword, like 'damn', used in place of swearwords I won't and can't use on Elfwood.

Jude Ch. 3

Gorillaz: Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head/ Coldplay: Politik/ Guano Apes: Lords of the Boards/ ^_^

Jude Ch. 1

Guess who? Concerto in D Major, Opus 77 by Brahms, Beethoven's 5th and his 9th.

Jude Chapter 8

Jude wakes to find himself imprisoned in Cyarus near the desert of Lirshon. Much bloodshed! ^^ Songs: Cake: Arco Arena. Muse: Stockholm Syndrome. Whee. 'Sret' is a swearword, like 'damn', which I made up so Jude could swear without upsetting mods...

Jude Ch. 4

Hah. ^_^ Rondo a la Turk (Dave Brubeck Quartet) and Moon Dance (Corpse Bride); Into the Forest (Corpse Bride) and Only This Moment (Royksopp)

Jude Ch. 7

Milly, Rek, Weston and Poke spend the night in an inn. Songs: Bliss: Sing for Absolution Cake: Meanwhile Rick James... Uh, yes, 'Sret' is *sigh* a swearword, equivalent to 'damn'. All my characters seem very fond of it. Maybe that's cos I like it so much. One can only wonder why... 0_o

Jude Ch. 2

'The Four Seasons', by Vivaldi ('Autumn'). 'Gunza' means anything from 'idiot' to... well, anything. An oligarchical government is run by a select group of rich people, not to be confused with a republic (where the people choose representatives). Sparta, for instance, was governed by an oligarchy that enforced military law.

Jude Chapter 11

Three sections, each describing different events taking place in Cyarus after the assassination. Music: Apocalyptica, Harmageddon and a couple songs by the Andrew Sisters, who happen to be singing in the kitchen at the mo. :D :D :D

Jude Ch. 9

A few anomalies (perhaps) are cleared up in this chapter, because I took the time to edit it slightly. Reread it before you point out discrepancies in my later chapters. :)

Jude Ch. 5

Continuing from chapter 4; Travelling through the Shadowood (yeah, yeah, bad name, I *know*...), Jude meets up with some interesting people. Oh, yeah, translation of Sret. I'm supposed to put it in every chapter with the word 'Sret' in it. Sret is a general curse, like 'damn', used instead of Elfwood-forbidden swearwords. Ehhh... song: Linkin Park, Somewhere I Belong. Just because!