I'm very interested in all things creative (acting, singing, writing etc..) and I'm hoping to get better and better with my art I have had no schooling in the subject but I enjoy doing it, maybe someday they will be good enough to sell, I did use to sell bob ross style paintings just to friends or friends of friends or give as gifts but I only sold them as they insisted (otherwise it would have been free).  I work with many mediums but I obviously have not mastered them yet and I will keep at it!  But I will also keep all my old drawings on here so I can hopefully see an improvement in years to come.  If I get a kind word along the way that will make me overjoyed. I like Writing poetry, reading poetry, singing and acting. Favourite music All the oldies: Dean martin, Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and newer ones range from: David Soul, Rainbow, Shania Twain and Meatloaf.