Ryan Evans

My art is somewhat of a haven for my imagination... Dreams manifest themselves and I am inspired. Thoughts become renderings and I am familiarized about the beauty of the world. Finally, I have created something that is not of this world, a new creation. Objects, places and people take us to a different reality when we are willing to share through the sometimes elaborate process of making the picture. I am a private artist of sorts, who collaborates with many other great artists in such disciplines as acting, the writing of liturature, music, and fine art. I Am slowly building an organized version of my portfolio, part of which you see here. Most of the art residing here is a pencil collection, but I soon will have a wide array of pieces available! It has been sometime now since I have joined this wonderful place. What a wonderful community! There so many friendly and talented people here in the forest of the elves>! I have added a few brand new pics. I will have a nice realease of new pics next month, check it out! Until next time. Latez.