Guillermo Fernandez

Artist Name is Guillermo S. Fernandez alias of Rynson Blackmane. Rynson is a character that I developed in a DD adventure some 3 years ago, and I actually loved it since it is similar to me in many funny ways. And hungered for more pics of characters that looked like mine, when I found Camili Cat, Thundercats, Swat Kats, etc. That´s when I discovered what furs are and all the things they do ;) Yeah, a fur too over here. Maybe a closet fur still on the fur thing, cause it is something I wear as a badge in my heart but not yelling it out loud of convicing people that fur is normal. :P So as long as I live my alias will be Rynson Blackmane, same as Y!M ID, and same as my webpage. Now as for inspiration, well, everywhere I see there is potential for a nice illustration. A car, people, machines, the sky, computers, ideas, battles, games, soccer, and many hobbies more, however I love RPGs above most of them. Actually living in Mexico City and still learning more techniques and ways to imporve my art, and my compositions. Hope you like what u see in my site. Thanks. All feedback is welcome. Please give me some time to answer ASAP. Peace and thanks again. Also got a new fur affinity site account: