I usually draw charecters for my stories and other things that kind of pop into my head... Keep in mind, I'm working on my...'works'. Also, I love to draw dragons, even if I'm not really good at them. I'm getting better! Really! XD I like Drawing, writing, biking, her saxaphone, and marching band! XD Favourite movies Eragon, Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sixth Sense,White Noise, any and all Final Destinations, and finally Ghost Hunters Favourite books Eragon, Eldest, Fire Star, Fire Tear, Icefire, Harry Potter ((All 7)), and finally, really anything with a strong yet easy to fallow story line with emotional and physical sturggles that fallows a Fantasy guild line. Favourite music Paramore, All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Bowling for Soup, Saving Jane, Panic at the Disco, Europop, Chicago, Evanescence, Fallout Boy, Within Temptation, Click 5, Santana, Rihanna, and finally Simple Plan