Marcus Ager

I'm 19 and in college, but I'm a kid at heart, really. I dabble in many sort of games, both video and non (DnD or MTG anybody?), and I have a real passion for anthros. I've got a whole world of them dreamed up and incubating in my brain, and I am happy to put it to paper. I've dabbled in drawing as well, mainly anthros from my stories or chars from my various DnD campaigns, and, though I'm not bad, my skill level is nowhere  near that of the majority of those here at Elfwood. I've recently submitted some of this art that I managed to scan (poorly) into a computer at my previous college's library, check it out if you're interested. I like my writing to evoke feelings, so that's what I aim for. Not sure if it works or not just yet, so comments are greatly appreciated! BTW, if you get confused while you are reading any of my stories about anthros (which is currently all of them), or if you just want more info on a specific character or the backround of the world I'm writing in, check out my Intro to my world bit! ^^. Also, feel free to chat w/ me sometime over AIM or MSN! 6-7-29: I'm going on vacation for two weeks, so if I don't respond to comments as promptly as I usually do, that's why 0.o. Don't let that stop you from leaving them of course =P 8-13-06: back from vacation! (scurries to respond to comments) 8-14-06: my birthday! ^^. Yay, im 19. 8-28-06: updated my list of people, adding short descriptions.   My list of cool people. Check their galleries/shelves out! Breanna **salemkitty** Barden - My first Elfwood friend! ^^. Quite talneted for her age in her drawings. She'll have some stories up eventually I think. Read them when they come out, I've read them and they're great ^^. Sarah J. Kinder - Helped me out lots with my stories, her stuff is really good too! She has some creatures of her own make called "pharlans." She really went in depth with them. John R Wenzel - This guy has some really nice equine characters that he draws. He was also the first commenter on my gallery ^^. J. N. Betteray - Ah, my MTG loving friend who forever demands when the next chapter of my stories will be coming out ^^. to be fair, I'm really, really slow at writing it...He's got some cool stories with a well thought out magic system, check it out! River Tam - I've had some nice discussions with her about how cool it would be to get into video game design (and maybe sneak some of my characters into a game or two =P). She's got some pretty dark/gothic art (she lovers zombies and other undead) as well as some simple 3D rendering stuffs. We are so gonna make our own gaming company =P. Laura M. Moore - Actually did an art trade with me! Granted, it took me obscenely long to get my half up... (srysrysry!) but still! A great person who does nifty stuff with Gimp ^^. And if you like anthro art, visit these artists: Carey Maynard - Lotsa mouse anthros in this gallery. I'm generally not too much for mice, but she does them very well ^^. Megan Giles - Does some excellent werefolk and centaurs, I highly reccomend her work. Rasha Al-Najjar - Not exclusively an anthro artist by any means, but her work is still really good. My favorite, for some reason, is the badger pic. Look at his expression! ^^ Shaina (Jakkal) Pinkleton - Mainly canines here. She's really good with sun lighting (like sunsets and stuffs) and she's also got a few photo maniped anthros. cool, no? Jessica M. Sanders - check out those awesome blue glows! Mainly canines. Stephanie Stone - some egyptian god pics as well as very well done anthros, mainly canines, felines and equines. Great coloring! Meghan 'Skipper' Fisher - I wuvvers her drawings of Skipper ^^. Mostly canines here. Jenna "Oakpaw" Woginrich - I love her kind of cartooney style, it makes all her anthros seem so happy ^^. Almost all caninesKarol A. Pawlinski - Canines, felines, lemurs, and squirrels! Very nice style here, and she's got a nifty short comic too! Garth Joseph Alexander Gilmore - big muscley anthros. Mainly wolves, but some felines too. Mostly black and white.Allison Barnes (Uni) - Only fourteen but geez she can draw! Mostly canines anthros, but she's got a few nifty dragons as well ^^ Danielle V. Been - She does much more than just anthros, though her anthros are mainly canines. Her coloring (I'm pretty sure it's paint) is well done as well. Jeremy 'Zann' Goffeau - I really like this guy's style. It's mostly pencil sketches, though he's got some color ones and some that I'm prty sure are photoshopped. He's got a few dark, like, mood-wise, pix as well. Oh, and I luvvers his fox ^^ Abigail L. Hamaker - mostly felines and draconics. Great coloring. Leona Preston - Very nice Celtic themed anthros, lots of snow and ice. Her pics tend to have lots of details in them, all masterfullyy done. Oh, and Yolos is an awesome character. Julie Thompson - well done pics and many differant species, despite her small gallery. Brad Rivera - cool pix, not all are anthros but most are. And he likes cats ^^. Jodie Kirk - Great anime-esque anthros and brilliant coloring. Ruben de Vela - This guy is the most fricken awesome artist I've ever seen! He dabbles in everything, some fantasy, some sci-fi, and, of couse, anthros! ^^. If you wanna see some great stuff, CHECK HIM OUT!! By the way, all comments are GREATLY appreciated, and I can handle constructive criticism, so don't be afraid to tell me what you DIDN'T like about my stories as well as what you did. I try and respond to all comments as soon as I possibly can, and so far I've been pretty good about it ^^.

Ockham's Razor

A spy plane pilot is captured by the enemy...will this be his last interrogation?

Blood and Venom ch.2: Vengeance

Sequal to chapter one 0.o. Wren stalks into the night, rage bubbling over, seeking vengeance which, coincidentally, is the name of chapter two =P. Enjoy, and review if you have time! Characters: Wren, Dael. first revision ^^

Intro to My world

This is the introduction to the world I have invented for my writing, including descriptions of the races (various anthros) and the characters. If you get confused while you are reading any of my stories about anthros (which may or may not be all of them), or if you just want more info on a specific character or the backround of the world I'm writing in, check it out! ^^. Note: New characters Sakura, Eleron, and Ryu up now!

Blood and Venom ch.3: Perspective

This chapter goes into the lives of the cats and how they react to the recent assassination. Characters: Sakura, Eleron, Kain is mentioned

Blood and Venom ch.1: Aftermath

This is one of my anthro stories. It's about the dark effect the death of a loved one can have on one who already has a shortage of them. Plz Read and Review! Characters: Dash, Wren, Dael is mentioned. first revision ^^

A Brief Episode in the Life of a Starship Ensign

An ensign on a starship deals with a new development to an otherwise boring day.

Chapter 4: The Coming Storm

Dash, Hart, and Jaya receive a mission from base as Wren vanishes off to be trained as an assassin. The cats, however, have something else planned...