Exploring the Wastes

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Saber Orion McConnell

113 was constructed from an old Boy Scout uniform, using one of the pant legs.  It's a sturdy material that holds up fairly well against the elements.  His "hair" is made from orange-ish rags, and there is a patch on his derriere that's roughly the same color.  His hands, a bit big and awkward, are made of flat pieces of brass-like metal, and his feet are round, pivoting on a ball joint.The bundle 113 carries on his back is simply a cloth to tie around his body and strong thread to tie everything together.  The contents vary, according to what catches his eye, but three things he almost always has are: a needle (along with the thread, this is used for repairs), a Philips screwdriver shaft, and a regular screwdriver shaft.  Other things can vary from scraps of cloth, other small tools, little plastic toys, and other small trinkets.113 is, first and foremost, insanely curious.  He likes best to explore and find new things, investigating everything he comes across in his travels.  Anything new excites him.  He does, however, have a rather unfortunate fascination with the mechanical beasts, which is why there are so many sewn up rips on his body.  (The patch on his rump is another souvenir of one of these encounters.)  The ones he finds that are no longer moving, he likes to take apart if he can, to see how they work.  The ones that are still alive for some reason take some offense at this.  113 has developed fairly quick reflexes because of this!He feels first, acts second, and thinks last.  He doesn't know how to read, and is only familiar with the numbers that make up his name, but his emotional range is incredible.  Everything he feels, he feels with all his heart, and he often feels several things at once.  Fortunately he is generally optimistic, so his intense emotions are usually positive ones.He often talks cheerfully to himself or whatever inanimate (or animate!) object he's investigating.  There's no one else to talk to, so why not talk to himself?The first thing he encountered on waking was one of the cat-like beasts that roamed the land.  It came out of nowhere, striking him with its paw and knocking him senseless.  He managed to scramble beneath a heavy pipe, into a space the beast could not possibly reach, but the blow knocked something awry in his mind.  It didn't cause serious damage, but impaired his logic and reasoning abilities.  It magnified his tendency to act first and think later.  He's not completely sure of his name.  The number is written on his back, but he can only see it in reflective surfaces, and it's backwards, which makes it very difficult for him to understand it.  He knows it has 1s and 3s.  Sometimes he's 113, sometimes 13, or even 31.  It doesn't really matter to him; it's just a number, and there's no one to use it in the wastelands.  He doesn't understand a lot of things that others say, phrases and saying and the like, because he never saw another soul113 was a lot of fun to make--he's a lot like me...which could be good or bad, depending.  XD  Once I got him all planned and drawn out, he sort of reminded me of a cross between Raggedy Andy and Oscar the Grounch.  :grin:  I guess I can live with that.   Genre: Shane Acker's 9Character: OC

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