I'm a well traveled AirForce Military brat now living in California. Considered a bit of a freak by most. I'm known for my dark humor (very dark sometimes), sarcasm and liberal veiws. I love history, from ancent, to modern and legends and folklore. I'm an anime and comic book fan, and I love Tolkien, most of my fantasy drawing are inspired from his books. And as you have probably noticed I'm also a bit of a Dwarf fan and an ardent Gimli/Dwarf defender (Damn you PJ! What have you done?!). I'm a sculpture major but like to draw, mostly character studies. Its a mix of manga/comic book style. Most of my art is b/w in pencil, I don't usally bother with back ground. I hope to one day work for Henson,Industial Light and Magic (creature shop), or Dream Works (special affects shop). Yes I do commissions, but only Paid commissions at the moment (sorry, helps me buy art supplies). If you have emailed me about commissions or comments and I haven't replyed, it probably means I didn't get your email. My email has been acting (and still is) real screwy lately, so please be patient with me.