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First semester of college, I signed up for a seminar entitled "Discovering Tolkien's Middle Earth". As the final project, we were given the choice of either a ten-page research paper (ugh), or a "creative project" that displayed analysis of any of tolkien's works through art, story, or song. I took this as a perfect opportunity to get back into painting (I'd been in 3D design, and the lack of drawing and painting was beginning to make me crazy). For those who don't recognize it immediately, I chose a scene from The Silmarillion, when Fingon rescues Maedhros from Thangorodrim. Maedhros is hanging by a shackle on his right hand, and Fingon must cut Maedhros' hand off in order to save him. I was a bit pressed for time in the days leading up to this assignment being turned in, otherwise I would have put greater detail into my pictorial border. The events in the border depict events clockwise chronologically from the top, starting with the oath of Feanor and ending with Thorondor's arrival. The four corners of the picture depict the four sources of light that the elves experienced in their lifetimes (chronologically in the order they were created), the Two Trees, the stars, the Silmarils, and the Sun and Moon. In case you're wondering, the elvish phrases along the border explain what is happening in each scene of the border. I came up with english phrases first, translated them into Quenya using an elvish dictionary and following all the rules of elvish grammar, and then wrote the phrases out in the Tengwar writing system. Also, the digital camera really washed out the color on this, and no amount of photoshop tweaking will bring it all back, so that's a bit of a bummer. Watercolor on watercolor paper, some colored pencil detail. 18''x24'' The elvish phrases, starting clockwise from the top left: Fëanoro vérë, “Fëanor’s oath.” Losgar ciryalhach “Losgar ship-fire”. Dagor-nuin-Giliath, “ Battle under the Stars.” Fëanor ne mace Gothmog, “Fëanor was killed (by) Gothmog”. Fëanorioni ortane ataro fëa, “Sons of Fëanor lifted up father’s spirit”. Fëanor ne váse lhach, “Fëanor was consumed (by) flames.” Maedhros ne vanwe Morgoth, “Maedhros was lost (by) Morgoth. Fingolfin rumbë túle, “Fingolfin host comes”. Anar ne ortane, “The sun is risen”. Usquë túle Angbandello, “smoke comes from Angband”. Fingon sace Maedhros, “Fingon hunts for Maedhros”. Fingon tyale nandë, “Fingon plays harp.” Fingon indomë quinga yuhtuva Maedhros, “Fingon intends to kill Maedhros with bow”. Thorondor túle, "Thorondor comes".

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