Stacy Goll

4/10/11Another site update.  I have recently added a playlist of my audio poetry so it can be played all in one session instead of having to click through each individual one.  I have also added an option to select a poem to read along.  Go to my site to view these, and more, updates.3/15/11Again, another delayed update.  I have updated my site once again, and for those who are unaware, I have created and uploaded updated audio poetry videos on YouTube:  You can also find the link on my site if you decide to visit there as well.Well, thank you all for checking out my works, and hopefully my site as well.  I hope you all enjoy your browse through the works of Dreams & Shadows.  I also like to leave with the following, which has now become a perma-comment...I would just like to thank everyone who comments on my works, and give praise to those who are brave enough - which are numerous, more than enough to count - to post their works as well. Keep up the great work, everyone. And the last thing I would like to add is to the creator and head of Elfwood, Thomas Abrahamsson. He, and everyone else behind Elfwood and its subsidiaries, which include the users, have done a great job. Hopefully Elfwood will stay in exsitence for a long time to come and thensome. I like Too many to do, not enough time. Favourite movies Too many to count, not enough time. Favourite books Too much to read, not enough time. Favourite music Too much to listen to, not enough time.

Slain By Sin

Poem of love and war.


A poem of loneliness in life.


A poem of why we are here, of what life is.


A poem of life and death.

Living Love

A poem of lost love.


A poem of searching the soul.

The Musicians

A story of two musicians.

The Tear

A poem of wondering, wishing, waiting.


A poem of personal ambitions and nature.

The Writer's Hand

A poem of writing.

Void of Truth

An abstract poem of betrayal.

No More Pain

A poem of betrayal.

Locked Up & Hidden Away

A poem of searching for the truth.


A poem of hurt.

Flaming Desire

A poem of curiosity.


A poem of desertion, abandonment, pain of losing loved ones.

Living Dreams

A poem of life and dreams.

The One

A poem of that special person in life.


Another abstract poem.

Droplet Rose

A poem of love and hope.

Garden of Darkness

A poem of Death in a winter garden surrounded by his minions.


A poem of disappearing.

Future Past

A poem of the memories of the past and future.


A poem of continuing.


A poem of a power struggle.


A poem of being lost.

Cold End

An abstract poem.


A poem of a different style of writing.


A poem of hating life.

Tiger's Eye

An abstract poem.