Louise Joergensen

My name is Louise Ryding Jørgensen, and I live in the town of Holbæk, Denmark with my loving boyfriend Mark and my many animals. They include my wonderful dog Luna, our four mice and around 20 fancy gerbils for breeding. I've been drawing ever since 1999-2000, when I stumbled upon the magical world of forum RPGs. I joined Psycrowe's Furry Dragons, which would later on have their name changed to Draekard. Her gorgeous art was what kicked me back into my dusty old pencils and made me work actively to become better. I'm not the sort of artist who does swooping brain numbing illustrations in various media, you could say I have a sort of unnatural fear of backgrounds. I don't do them, and when they sneak into a picture of mine, it is usually as stock or clear blocks of color. I focus on pencil sketches, on character illustrations rather than scenes, although as of lately I have started working on my BG abilities, though don't expect to see any, any time soon. I enjoy designing odd critters just for the fun of it. Most of them get a one time appearance on paper, and then they're gone again. I study to become a zookeeper, but hope to be able to grow as an artist, so that I might be able to live off of my skills on the side. I'll try to pick only those drawings that I am really proud of for this gallery. For my sketches and what not, go see sagawolf.deviantart.com I like Roleplay of any kind, table top, Forum, messenger, LARP, computer games. Drawing of course, basically creating anything with my hands. Writing, listening to music of any type, I'm not picky.