Kim Yasato' Klafka

Hi! Um...I'm Kim, but you can call me Starr. I'm a 13-year-old, born in the panhandle of Texas. I've lived there all my life! I started drawing mostly in school, because I've always had a lot of free time during classes (they're an hour and a half long *twitch*), but I've never taken classes or used any kind of book or anything. I just enjoy drawing to express can kind of tell what mood I was in depending on what's in the drawing I did at the time. Of course, when I first started (at around age 6) I didn't do a lot more than stick figures with giant heads ^^;;; But...I feel I've progressed beyond that. Oh, and you might notice that almost all of my original art has some kind of chain on it. I did that on purpose, for a themed gallery at my school ^^;; I mainly use just colored pencils, but I might start using paint shop pro after a while ^^;