Tarra Ward

My name? Uhhh... Tarra Ward? It's said tar-rah.. okay? Where do my drawings come from? Boring classes and bad days. Inspiration? friends and family and folks I dunno. Where do I plan to be in about ten years? At Harvard law school. Yeah, you heard me, Harvard! What would I do for a Klondike bar? Nuthin, I don't like Klondike bars. Favorite commercial saying? 'Taste the rainbow...' I like skittles ^_^ Fav TV shows? Inuyasha!!! Yu Yu Hakusho!!! Gundam Wing!!! Lupin the 3rd (even though I haven't seen it yet XP)!!!! G Gundam!!! Invader Zim!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! (Anev: uhhh... Gypsy-san....) Today's random incoherent word? QUA!!! Today's words of randomness? An apple does not fall far from the appletree, nor does an applepie from a table when you push it, but an apple and applepie both fall very far from you when you throw them at someone you don't like. ^_^ This year's favorite cuddly chibi? Legolas!!!!! *glompies Orli plushies*