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Liz: Hold still, Teigue. Teigue: I am. Liz: No, you're not. You're fidgeting. Teigue: I don't fidget. Liz: Well, at least stop frowning. Teigue: I'm not frowning. Liz: You look miserable. Teigue: Well, you are forcing me to sit here... Liz: Look, you have to cooperate with me. You've already made me miss the Christmas deadline, so we have to get this done for Ally's birthday on t--ACK! Teigue! Teigue: What? Liz: You just moved! Teigue: My nose itched. Teigue: ...Can I go now? Liz: No. Teigue: Please? Liz: You want to make Ally happy, don't you? Teigue: ...I hate you. Liz: Good enough. Hold that, please...

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Again, for all you people who went to my Loth gallery (what, you want MORE now?), I call this my short story series... er, thingy. I dunno, mebbe someday I'll put it together into a novel or something. I can't think of a title for it yet, hence the dreaded 'untitled' label--*gasp!* This is about a year-and-a-half to two years old... I'll get back around to it eventually.

Fairytale... sort of... (Part 1)

Right. So. One night last... erm, winter, I think... I'm walking with my two roommates--the good ones--and I'm feeling all spiffy in my new black pleather trenchcoat, and Rose is working her new hunter green cloak, and Ally's all fwaa (the word's Lizzish--don't ask for a translation) in a sweatercoat... So random ideas started flying around as we're heading off to dinner, looking all cool. The original idea was of superheroes. (I can't remember whether it was Rose or Ally who came up with that...) But then it took a turn somewhere toward fantasy fantasy. My third roommate? She'll be making an appearance in the parts to come... (Winter-Summer '02)


I guess this isn't really a whole separate story so much as a continuation of the first one, but I got to writing it in little bits because you only want to take so long reading at the Creative Writing Club. Or not. I dunno. In any case, here's part 2.

Closest to the Sun

This was actually something I wrote back in 7th grade, for a reading class project where we had to write a myth(gotta love those reading classes!) I rediscovered it while cleaning out some old stuff. I read it over, sighed, shook my head, and contemplated burning it. When I got over my lack of talent, I decided to rewrite it. Sooo... Here it is! (Spring '00)

A Lover's Quest

This story was inspired by everyone's favorite holiday: Valentine's Day. But you see, I've always been among the perpetually single. Anyhoo, this is special for another reason, too--I started this and finished it all in one weekend! ::does a happy dance:: I won't tell you any more, though, cuz I don't wanna spoil it. (Spring '00)


In my 9th grade English class (I'm starting to notice a trend here...), we had to write a myth. *gasp!* I've never done THAT before! I wrote this up, except the goddess' name was Kilosa--I figured I could be lazy and steal from my roleplaying character because I was the only freak in my class who did that sorta thing anyway. But, I dug this up and changed the name (and tried to improve it here and there) for your reading pleasure (or torture). Mebbe I'll rewrite this or something. (November '97)

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