Sally Catlin

I've lately been writing and drawing fanstuff these days instead of doing my own original work like I should. It's addictive. This will be mostly Harry Potter, Star Wars, and various webcomics; the corners filled in by illustrations from random sf and fantasy novels. See, up until I was sixteen no good movies came out. Then, all at once, there was the new star wars trilogy, the harry potter movies, *and* the LOTR movies. I've been to the theater more in the past three years, I think, than the my entire life before. And I got sucked into the fandoms. Some of these are OC's from fanfics which are posted elsewhere. I've tried to link.

The Mink and the Hairy Man

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it is said, fell asleep reading a history book and dreamed the famous poem Kubla Khan. When he woke he wrote down as much as he could remember, but was called away before he could finish. Well, I fell asleep reading The Collected Poems of Robert Service, and dreamed this, rhyme scheme, repeated refrain, and all. I wrote down as much as I could remember, and three years later sat down and finished it. It is heavily influenced, particularly, by 'The Ballad of the Black Fox Skin,' and by my recent reading of Watership Down.


A story about one of the pioneers of terraforming in the early twenty-first-century Earth space program. This sketch is modelled on a Usenet post, which I realize most people have never heard of. If so, skip the headers.

Black Hole

In this interview from the CS (Confederated Systems) Writer's Project, an old spacer reminisces about his years as a starship tech, and why he got out of the business.



The Song of Princess Profa

Fairy tale about the original princess with a curse, in nursery rhyme format. Rather old, but one of my most-loved poems. If you can't fill in the blanks, don't worry, that's a *good* thing.


Flame the barmaid (a character in an ongoing novel) faces some strangers with dangerous news in this short character sketch.