Samantha Martin (Element Dragon)

Still alive and kicking! Finally upgraded to a tablet and have time for art once more. I'll up date as I can. Some of the art is old so please be gentle with it.Please don't leave comments on pictures about how you hate pokemon, digimon, or whatever you might hate. This isn't a place for you to rant about such thingsthe (if you hate it then one must wonder what you are doing looking at it). Please keep comments to the art itself. Just because you hate the subject matter doesn't mean it's not good art work. I myself am not fond of things like Dragon Balls but that dosen't mean I haven't seen great fan art for it around. If you leave comments expressing your hatred for the subject matter without regards to the actual art then expect it to be removed. If you think a picture is bad for technical reasons I'll leave it up. So don't worry about posting bad reviews that actually are about the art, these type of comments are how I learn.