Samantha Seaman

Welcome to my gallery here on Elfwood! My name is Sam, or Raeliyah here on the internet, and I'm a 21 year old eternally-a-student freelance artist and graphic designer, exotic pet expert (well, almost), and vivarium builder. I mostly work in graphite or digital color, and occasionally I work in colored pencil or various paint mediums (acrylic, watercolors, etc). I am totally open for commissions - just send me an email. The originals or prints of any of my real media pieces are also available provided they aren't someone elses' character or otherwise restricted- just send me an email for pricing information. My gallery on Deviant Art gets updated the most (less restrictions on what "is" or "isn't" fantasy), if you'd like to see my more recent art and non-Elfwood art, and it can be found here:Redkite7@DeviantArtRedkite7 @ Portrait Adoption Redkite7 @ Ellen Million Graphics Have a great day, and happy browsing!-Raeliyah (Gryphon Guilder)