Hello, My name is samantha as you have already read, i love fantasy art and have begun to delve into the chasm that is my own mind, and have been pleasantly surprised with the result.  I am by no meanse the best artist here,but am a humble apprentice to the arts.  I live in Fairmont West Virginia ( it is its own state, we are not part of virginia, we left virginia during the civil war!) where i attend Fairmont State University.  I am majoring in Education with a specilization in english and reading and a minor in folklore. i use art as an escape from a sometimes dreary and tireing existance, and i dedicate my art to all of those that i love and are always there when i need them, (you know who you are, you continually inspire me!) I hope you poke around my gallery and enjoy what you see, i always appriceate comments and CONSTRUCTIVE critcs! I remain your humble apprentice artisan Samantha