Samantha James

I am Samantha James... I now live in Illinios....(northern part of it anyways). I love to draw what I see in my dreams and else where.  I love to look at everyones dragons and see if it is close to mine in anyway to see if it comes from some where that we all tap into. I am a Wiccan, and well, maybe that is another place I get it from. Who knows..?!!I didnt graduate from high school ... and I wasnt taught how to draw.  Most of my art work goes unfinished. I do sometimes go back and finish some of them though. It will take me awhile to get alot more pictures up on here since I now have a computer that I can work on regularly. New painting Sentinel uploaded 12/05/2007.  I am also now on DeviantArt under CrystalBlueDragon. I'll be posting in there more often. I would like for people to ask for permission to use my art for anything. This is a tad upsetting and it is making me rethink the way that I post my art work on here now.All art work is copyrighted to me that artist.