Stevie Barry

Meow! I hate writing bios, so this will be short. I'm a 21-year-old schizophrenic hairdresser living in the grand yuppieville of Bellevue, WA, with my boyfriend, his kids, two cats, and about half a million roommates. I don't really have time to draw, but I sneak in the odd scribble as I can. ^_^

Naevaerland, Chapter Seventeen

The Land of the Departed

Naevaerland, Chapter Seven

The Plot Thickens, Yet Again

Naevaerland, Chapter Sixteen

The End of the Beginning

Naevaerland chapter 4

Councils and Other Catastrophes


A tale of another world, and the ultimate battle between good and evil, populated with all sorts of creatures only my twisted imagination could produce. Swords, sorcery, and flaming alcohol abound, as a multitude of people scramble to either save the universe or destroy it.

Naevaerland, Chapter Thirteen

The Gathering of the Shadows

Naevaerland, Chapter Eight

The Plot Positively Curdles

Naevaerland chapter 3

In Which Everyone is Rather Confused

Naevaerland, Chapter Ten

The Beginnings of Revelation

Naevaerland, Chapter Nineteen

For Whom the Bell Tolls