Sam Hogg

I'm female, born in 1979, and I live in the North of England. I've been artistic since I was little, filling pads and sketchbooks with stories and pictures. I'm a graphic designer by trade, splitting my spare time between painting and writing, as I get restless if I don't do one or the other every day. Recently, fantasy art has become a passion in my life, and I am inspired by Boris Vallejo and Brom, whose art is breath taking, and I highly recommend you check him out if you've not seen his work. I strive to capture a sense of light and form in every painting, and I'm never truly happy with anything I do. The written works of David Gemmel, Ricardo Pinto, Maggie Furey and Raymond Feist inspire me greatly, though my favourite author/artist is Janny Wurts, whose wars of light and shadow epic ranks as my top reading of all time. So there you go, you know a little bit about what make me tick, now stop dawdling here and go look at the art! My thanks to all the wonderful people who have commented on my work since I joined Elfwood. You are a source of inspiration, and every comment is appreciated (apart from the weird and rude ones). If you like my art here, check out my art on deviantART , which has a variety of fantasy and other subjects, and which I'm much more active on. Okay, people I admire on Elfwood: S. Silvestris Strand Jessica 'Vestaka' Douglas Judith Mayr