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Samantha Francoeur

Darkness is a part of life. It becomes something that you learn to understand. Eventually you become apart of that darkness. Nothing can escape that lingering darkness. It looms over the land like the black clouds do over the sky. Sun light is a myth, something the children read in storybooks. It is also something I have never seen before. I have learned to live in the grey days and ebony nights. Most cannot bear the darkness and leave for the surrounding lands. Few are willing to brave the desolate towns with their crumbling buildings and blood stained streets. Nighttime is just as dangerous as the day only the creature’s come out to feed then. The lands are poisoned, the inhabitants undead. The stench of death has become a part of me. Death is now apart of me and I, apart of it. I have often looked out my window to see the collapsing black castle walls and seen thousands of undead creeping around the grounds. The constant shuffling and moaning of dead creatures is the only sounds that are in the castle. Lightning flashes constantly, filling the empty halls and rooms with dim colours. The lightning creates silhouettes of the skeletal trees, the only ones stubborn enough to stay standing. Sometimes vultures and ravens come from the other lands to feed off the carcasses, their screeching echoes though out the land, mimicking the sounds of the dead. I am one of the only living here, the rest are dead. Even my mother is on her way to becoming dead; she is the darkness of the land, and I am ever faithful to it. It is only a matter of time before I will be the only living being in the land. The rest are undead necromancers or raised cadavers. Those from the outside world call me the flower of the land, though; I do not understand what that means. Some have even attempted to remove me from my home. I cannot leave. Everyone has their place. Mine is here, in the Realm of Shadows.One of my chat characters. Her mother is a powerful necromancer and she’s a cleric, living in the land of eternal dead. Strange but true. Found by her mother at a very young age she was given the chance of surviving the harsh land. Trinuviel has a brother, which is her mother’s biological child, though her mother wants to kill him. Nice mom eh? Vidomina, her mom, doesn’t like boys they get into to much trouble for her liking so she adopts girls. Because her mom is the queen of the land, Trinuviel is one of the many princesses of it. Trinuviel is the closes to actually being her daughter. An experiment with Photoshop I’m still getting used to it. It was drawn entirely on the computer, no pencil drawing at all. I really like how it turned out; tutorials saved it, that’s for sure. Digital with a Wacom tablet.

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Category Horror

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