2005 now people, 20 years old, living like an adult at last, making my own decisions, paying my own way, expanding my knowledge and abilities. I've finally begun my minor in art, at Nipissing University (major being English)and so am being forced to put effort into my artwork, to try new things. It is an encouraging program, to say the least. Hopefully, when I am able to post my new artwork (sometime in May), people will see an improvement =) *********************************************************************** Nature, imagination, and beauty are all around us- and there is beauty in everything...learning to see that in the worst of times, as well as the best, is one of the most important skills a person can learn- it is the color that can keep the bleakest days in a dealable perspective. Writing and art provide me a way to bottle what I see and feel. Dreams are inspiration; Emotions are inspiration; Beauty is an inspiration; People are inspirations; Appreciation is motivation. Who knows what the future holds?