Samantha Sliwa

I'm a college student majoring in film production, whether it be the idea, the eye, or the editor, I don't know yet. I'm hoping to minor in art and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to accomplish that. With all the pictures i've used references with I am able to memorize the pictures and re draw them again without using any reference at all and in different poses. I rarely use references when it comes to my work unless its for a strong realistic picture.  My medium is usually pencil or acrylics. I prefer pencil because it's easiest to work with on a regular basis. Paints are fun but I need a LOT of area to mess around so I usually don't do them. Color pencil is another medium I enjoy except I hate how it looks after scanning. I gain inspiration through music (Nightwish!!!) and other beautiful pictures I've seen on this site. I've took many art classes, charcoal and pencil, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic and a sci-fi class. Some of them will have those media, some wont, it's just had to create with little time I have.Enjoy my small gallery, I'll have more to come later if I just doodle a bit. hehe. thanks! I like movies, music, art (obviously), sleeping, eating, cafe places, computer things, fortune telling, mystic stuff, new age... etc. Favourite movies Heroes, Unbreakable, Dragonheart, Howl's Moving Castle, LOTR trilogy, Harry Potter, Spirited Away, Paprika, Chronicles of Narnia, Golden Compass, Pan's Labyrinth, Princess Bride, 10th Kingdom and Many, many others. Favourite books His Dark Materials, Aurian saga, Lost Years of Merlin saga, LOTR, Dorian Gray, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse...etc. Favourite music anything that isn't rap and country.