Christina Sanders

I rarely update here anymore, so if you want to know about me for some reason then you can skim through my livejournal.  I also have a DeviantArt gallery that I update periodically, though I post most of my stuff right at lj.  I don't draw fantasy so much anymore; I'm into comic books these days for fanart, and my original stuff tends to be realistic portraits and landscapes.  I finally realized how lame my own characters are and stopped messing with them. The stuff here is painfully old and not very representative of how I draw now.  Actually, I cringe when I look at most of it... omg, my people were so SKINNY.  One of these days I will do some nice, fantasy picture that I can post here to show everyone how much better I am, but it may be a while before I get around to that.  Homework and general laziness and all, you know.