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the guy with the horns is the former gargoyle Concrete from the great cathedral in the city of Stenn. since the gargoyles were placed there to ward of heatens and satanists in the old days, there were (not very suprisingly) much work to be done now a days, so Concrete decided to leave. because he unlike his bretheren were made of, yeah, you guessed, concrete instead of granite from the sacred quarry of Wanna, and that the man who molded him neglected to utter the obscure chant of Gary, the saint of mortar and steel reinforcements and instead mumbled a prayer to Samaelk, the saint of sculpting (also, he absentmindedly dropped the fag of his cigarette in the mix), Concrete managed to break free from the church wall, take human form and walk away (after a rather nasty fall). but the Big Man Upstairs don't really like contractbreakers, so he sent his most feared hitman after him, Allmost Archangel Malkeus. Armed with his flaming sword Mirabelle (standard issue), his trusty silenced beretta Chucky, and a sharpened mind that had deteriorated over the years to be little more than goo with a flare of killing stuff, he set out to smite the "wicked" Concrete for his "threachery", allthought The Allmighty Godfella' words had been "no need to go rough on him, just break his kneecaps, rough him up a little in general and go through our policy of unanounced vacation...." being mad as a bucket of schizophrenic cobras, Malkeus forgot that about five seconds after he left the bosses office...

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