I am a guy who is obsessed with fantasy. I read books constantly, because if I didn't I would enter a world of insanity. (No really.) The first thing that I ever read was 'Treasure Island' and from there on I was hooked on stories. Not really fantasy you may say, but how many boys have wanted to be a pirate?! I must admit though that now I have read more 'mature' fiction. Currently I am reading the 'Great Book of Amber' by Roger Zelazny. Excellent book! But I have read works by Tolkien (obviously), Jordan, Stephen Donaldson and David Eddings. Fantasy starts at the imagination and I certainly have lots of that. I am writer at heart, I love poetry especially when it is morbid and dark. I am only just starting to write stories and I have put myself in the deep end with an epic novel. I just hope it turns out ok. But after doing a number of drawings i've finally decided to add myself to a new section of the woods. Mostly as a kid i just copied drawings but now am beginning to find my own kind of style, which i must admit is kind of weird! But i like it. My goal: To never be forgotten. My favourite saying: Solitude is a reflection of the mind, patience is a reflection of the soul.