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New story in the library:After a three year hiatus with nothing but the occasional poem to indicate that my muse was not, in fact, dead, she has come back full bore and loaded for bear.  Well... Gentry, actually.  What some call True Fey.  The Touched is my working title and needs a new one.  Book will be published when done, so it also needs a cover, hint hint.  Nice exposure for a needy artist.  (my publisher also pays the cover artists in royalties so......)  8/29/05: Love In Ruins made the Finalist list at the Dream Realm Awards for 2005!!!  Favourite movies Dr. Who; Game of Thrones

The Birth of Stormcrow

This is a breif character interlude, a vignette if you will. I've been having trouble with Brother Sun and needed a break and Clio began batting this around my head. This is the short story about a pair of characters of a friend of mine, loosely based on what he told me; about two boys, one adopted and the other born to be garou, and the vampire that separated two brothers forever. It's the background/formation of both characters he plays, both in a werewolf game, and (on opposite weekends) in the vampire game (a character which has his own vignette, but not one I'm about to post here. This is a darkly moving peice which I am very proud of. I had his permission to write it and to share it. The base plot is his, the story is mine

Midnight and Amber Chpt 3a

Babes in the Woods- Meeting up again with Landros and Adrick, as well as her newest friends, Rog and Keltree to rescue a group of missing children

Midnight and Amber Chpt 8b

Chapter 8: The Warren continued. The price of Power... or... 'Gotcha'

The Regent of Souls p3

Chapter 3: What happened in the Baron's house. Chapter 4:As Suri predicted to Daniel not a night passed, She and Joseph are on the road to York. Decisions are made that will affect both of them for a very long time. Chapter 5: Arrival in York and meeting the Bishop. Things are more fully explained.

The Regent of Souls p2

Chapter 2: Joseph brings Sorieya home with him to Halifax to a very mixed welcome and discovers something going on that is abhorant to both of them

When She Kissed Him

A ballad (I have an actual wave file where I sang this) I wrote to commemorate an in-character moment from a game I played. My elven Patter, Joy, finally broke down after many long, ardurous adventures and, knowing that tomorrow they might die, broke down and kissed her dwarven companion (to the shock of all and the shouts of 'ABOUT TIME!' from our archer friend). If you SERIOUSLY want to hear it, email me and I'll send you the wave file. until then, enjoy! Incidentally, the line 'kin to the Roses who never fade' is reference to an order of women called the Sisters of the Rose that Joy is in the process of joining.

Midnight and Amber CH3c

Babes in the Wood- part 3: The children are found and rescued, but at what cost?

Midnight and Amber Chpt 1 part 2

Nothing new, not a new story. Just the tail of the previous chapter rearranged to fit

The Regent of Souls p4

Chapter 6: Suri meets her new master and court proves less than peaceful. Chapter 7: Ah... Agravaine at last! Not that he's too happy about it.

Midnight and Amber Chpt 3b

Babes in the woods, part 2. A ship, a hurricane, a mysterious islandand a forest full of bad guys.....

Midnight and Amber Chpt 8a

Chapter 8: The Warren. Things get very interesting as the Lord Mayor puts Landros's idea to work. Meanwhile, Landros finds out he actually a general of an underground (literally) army or short stature and invisible status. Later, Lark discovers where all the monsters are coming from and pays the ultimate price muwahahaha!

The Regent of Souls p6

Chapter 9: Court Murder need I say more?

Midnight and Amber Chpt 4

The Long Way Home: The return to Portswain and the trouble in between! Will Landros come to his senses? Will Keltree survive? Read on!

Midnight and Amber CH5b

Conversations continued....

Midnight and Amber Chpt 2b

The continuation of chapter 2 (sorry, it was too long by 'that' much!)

Midnight and Amber Chpt 7b

Chapter 7: Politics and Shadow Plays part 2. We see how Keltree fares, a little more anti-gypsy trouble with a Chimera and a bar fight and... all ending in a rainy night....


currently holds the key to the Speaker

The Regent of Souls

Book 3 in my Vampire series. As stated in my bio, I have no choice but to put Alia on hold for a few months. So, I'm going to work on fixing this one to match the rest of the world. This one has a very different tone. WHile Olivia was of ancient faith and Alia is of vehemently anti-faith, this one is steeped in medieval faith. If you be of (or just knowledgable in) the particular sect of Islam that I will get into in this book, please feel free to offer advice, resources or corrections. Research is as usual extensive, but sources on this one is spotty at best. My history regarding the Christians and the battles involved, as well as the Hashishin are correct. (My apologies to all Shi'ites out there who may take offence to the term. But this book is written from the point of veiw of enemies of the Shi'ite faction, the Christians and the Sunni.) Prologue: Introduction to Agravaine who will not be seen again until Chapter 5 and fully introduced in Chapter 6. Chapter 1: The introduction of Joseph and Sorieya and their meeting.

The Regent of Souls p5

Chapter 8: Intrigue and the plot thickens (if you will pardon my cliche!) attempts are made on several lives and succeeds at least once. who will it be?

The Regent of Souls p7

Chapter 10: The Feast of St. Aislynn. samples of how Tremaine handles things. Questions arise and few answers Chapter 11: A Taste of Evil. I'm not talking.... (Clio won't let me spoil it) Chapter 12:A turning in the winds. Again, Clio won't let me give a spoiler, but this is the last chapter previously written, so I need to do some serious remembering/thinking. Hopefully there will be more to this soon enough. Though I will tell you this, I have two ideas for crossover characters, and one you may or may not recognize!! coming soon

DragonLade: beginning

This is the beginning of a new series. I have no idea yet how long the books will be or how many, I just know there is no way I'm going to be able to do it in just one. Please to let me know if you want more. I'll post as I can. This particular book has no title yet, so if something suggests itself, please tell me. The series will be titled 'DragonLade'. But I had to change the book title cause I want to save it for a later book This is a story of dragons and goblins and... well, it begins with a young elf playing the knight errant and his magical sword... well, it doesn't begin with him. There's a mini-story prologue first, but you need that little fairy-tale to begin. This is mostly a tale of the elf, Gilderoth, and his adventures with the vargren (an anthromorphic wolf-man). (and his side encounter with the fey... sorry, China and Vicious have now turned my milk sour and hidden my spatulas because I forgot to mention them.)

Midnight and Amber Chpt 1

No change to document, just shifting parts between two files to make it fit as Extranet decided after 2 years that it was too long. Another of those old tales I wrote ages ago and haven't quite completed. This one I just lost my momentum (ie my muse got bored with it and REALLY ticked off at the guy who was 'helping' me with it) somewhere around chapter 10. Thought you guys might like something new to peer at. This one is an episodic adventurerer novel with lots of side characters but two main ones. All the 'adventures' (aka chapters) have one or the other of these two in it or both as it is for these two that the book is named. Read, hopefully enjoy, either way, tell me what you think.


Children Of the Sea: The sequel to Mercy's Ransom (AKA The Grey Pearl, no longer posted here because it's published). Let me know what you think. This is just the prologue, something I'm toying with. No promises on finishing it anytime soon, but my muse has set sail on another pirate kick... what timing, eh?


A devious little allegory that came to my mind whilst I was out doing yard work. All will become clear when you get to the end and read the notes, cause if I post them here they'll spoil everything. OMG I wrote a SHORT story!! eek, what WILL the neighbors think?

Midnight and Amber Chpt 2a

Island in the Mist: Lark rescues a young man and his sister from monstrous things in the streets while going home one night. She finally makes it home, only to find herself summoned to the Magistrates before dawn. To her surprise she is being asked to go on a 'mission' with several other 'freelancers', at least one of which, Rue, she knows. Things are dark and disturbing on the island and Lark finds more than her life in danger!

Midnight and Amber Chpt 6a

Segue: (for lack of better title. If you guys can think of a better one, please do so!) Landros gets her back to the Tree after her ordeal with the now cleansed ring. Then it's moving day for the wagon and the world is rife with anti-gypsy idiots and strangely beligerent old gypsy women. Either way the war will not hold for love and the subterfuge deepens

Midnight and Amber Chpt 9b

again, just rearranging for fit, nothing new Chapter 9: Kin continued. Even if you've read this one, please scroll down towards the end. I have added a long lost scene!!

Midnight and Amber Chpt 9a

No change to document, just shifting parts between two files to make it fit as Extranet decided after 2 years that it was too long. Chapter 9: Kin. Trouble of the blooded kind... Lark goes to her half sister's wedding and returns to find more than a few changes. sorry this on took so long and I must appologize that it will take longer for the next and last one as I seem to have lost a chapter.

Midnight and Amber Chpt 6b

Chapter 6: Segue, continued. Digging deeper into the conspiracy surrounding the seige we get a look at the many victims of the war.

Midnight and Amber Chpt 7a

Chapter 7: Politics and Shadow Plays. Ahh... fairly self explanitory I think. Life moves on but so does the war.

DragonLade: chapters 5-7

Chapter 5:Gilderoth spends some quality time with the egg. Chapter 6: He finds out more about his sword. Plus the arrival of Fenry and Quees' people with ill news of their own. Chapter 7: the new vargren take over and prepare for war. Arrival of some new fey. Sorry folks, not all of chapter 7 would fit, so you'll have to wait a bit Read and offer up some suggestions if you please for the sub-title of the first book: I'm thinking Sorrow's Way or Sword of Destiny myself. And, as always, if you are artistically bent and so inspired, I am looking for a good cover (I have a sketch if someone wants a stab at coloring). Scene/character art welcome and encouraged. I'll even post them in story!

Midnight and Amber CH5a

Exactly what has gotten in Landros' pointy-eared bonnet anyway? And those dreams what is their source and will there be no end to them? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this week's episode: Conversations!

Cots- Chapter1&2

I think I shall make a title change. No longer Children of the Sea, but Mercy's Wake. (what say you?) Chapter 1: A privateer's life is not for you (or) Not for my son (reader's choice: Seamus, now 12, desires to fight with the rest of the crew when taking ships. Jack, not wishing to cradle another bloodless child in his arms, refuses, sending the boy overboard prior to the fight, ordering him to guard his pregnant mother from sharks. Mother explains to son about his name-sake (Hare for those who do not remember the cabin boy's given name) and why his father is so reluctant to allow him to fight. Chapter 2: A gift of Scales: The Mercy brings her Spanish prize into Port St. Charles where they pick up Lorelei, Sirene's mother to help with the birthing. Trimming down their crew to the bare essentials and most trustworthy, they head for their own private island haven: Aneka'kapo, which is Carib for 'Necklace of the Gods'. Enjoy! Oh, and if you have not read Mercy's Ransom, (known here in elfwood under its working title The Grey Pearl), please leave comments! I need to know how this reads to one who HASN'T read the first one! While it is a sequel, I feel in needs to stand on its own and hold the interest of new readers as well as the old faithful!

Cots- Chapter3...

From Mother's Water to Mother's Water: The island of Aneka'kapo (which is Carib for Necklace of the Gods) and the birth of Seamus's little... (not tellin'! :P gotta read to know.) Plus a litte tail... er tale of Jack's reason for chooseing Aneka'kapo for their haven. For the record: La Rouge is French and means 'The Red' and is the name Genevieve, the captain of the Widow sails under. Gris is also French and means grey. Now you can 'get' the joke. Apologies up front. This is about where I left off. I've started chapter four but haven't been able to get back to it. I'll tack it on the end here when/if I do and post a note at the top of my main page to let you know.

DragonLade: chapters 2-4

Continuation of chapter 2: Gilderoth to the rescue! Chapter 3: makes himself at home with the elven sorceress and her vargren companions and helps them tend to some rather unpleasant work. He also finds out a little more about why they are here. Chapter 4: he finally gets the full story on the eggs and the dragon bones. NOTE: the following words in vargren appear, they are explain instory, but in case you miss it: Atora= Lady; Nye= No; Nathdak is not a vargren nor an elven word. It is nonsense and just a password. If it means anything, Rait has no clue.

Midnight and Amber Chpt 6c

Chapter 6: Segue, continued. The wages of treachery