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We were playing a Mutants and Masterminds Roleplaying game. Our 'Publisher' took 6 normal people and put them on a cruise ship. Then stranded us in the Bermuda Triangle and thrust Quasi Random superpowers on us. (He handed us six sets of powers and told us to decide who got what). THEN after the session, he had the audacity to throw down the gauntlet where Clio (I think that's her name, though she's not the original Clio, who's the muse of History), my art muse could see it and pounce before my writing muse (who STILL hasn't told me her name) could see it. He wanted comic book 'splash pages' from us,introducing our characters to the comic. sigh. He promised us EPs. Really. The only reason I've been so bad and haven't worked on Love in Ruins in a week. So, here she is, I think she's done... Originally I was going to call her Red Cross, but my husband suggested Triage and It's growing on me.: TRIAGE: Originally a paramedic, specialized in search and rescue, Heather Cascade is half Hawaiian on her Mother's side. Her boyfriend, Kale Mananohi, is a Lieutenant of the Honalulu Fire Department. They were on the cruise together when 'things' happened. The powers she was given simply made her tougher and more resistant to damage. She still is primarily the group medic. The center image is a polaroid Kale took while they were playing on the beach at Miami before the ship arrived. She did NOT want her picture taken. The other two are the costume she'll be stepping into soon, front and back. Now, BEFORE someone comments on it, I KNOW there is no 'bootline'. It's supposed to be one of those 'impossible comic boot costumes'. At least I put the zipper line at her neck. Pencil sketch, airbrushed in PS6, with an altered photo from a trip to the beach with a watercolor filter to make it match for the photo background

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currently holds the key to the Speaker

The Regent of Souls

Book 3 in my Vampire series. As stated in my bio, I have no choice but to put Alia on hold for a few months. So, I'm going to work on fixing this one to match the rest of the world. This one has a very different tone. WHile Olivia was of ancient faith and Alia is of vehemently anti-faith, this one is steeped in medieval faith. If you be of (or just knowledgable in) the particular sect of Islam that I will get into in this book, please feel free to offer advice, resources or corrections. Research is as usual extensive, but sources on this one is spotty at best. My history regarding the Christians and the battles involved, as well as the Hashishin are correct. (My apologies to all Shi'ites out there who may take offence to the term. But this book is written from the point of veiw of enemies of the Shi'ite faction, the Christians and the Sunni.) Prologue: Introduction to Agravaine who will not be seen again until Chapter 5 and fully introduced in Chapter 6. Chapter 1: The introduction of Joseph and Sorieya and their meeting.

The Regent of Souls p5

Chapter 8: Intrigue and the plot thickens (if you will pardon my cliche!) attempts are made on several lives and succeeds at least once. who will it be?

The Regent of Souls p7

Chapter 10: The Feast of St. Aislynn. samples of how Tremaine handles things. Questions arise and few answers Chapter 11: A Taste of Evil. I'm not talking.... (Clio won't let me spoil it) Chapter 12:A turning in the winds. Again, Clio won't let me give a spoiler, but this is the last chapter previously written, so I need to do some serious remembering/thinking. Hopefully there will be more to this soon enough. Though I will tell you this, I have two ideas for crossover characters, and one you may or may not recognize!! coming soon

DragonLade: beginning

This is the beginning of a new series. I have no idea yet how long the books will be or how many, I just know there is no way I'm going to be able to do it in just one. Please to let me know if you want more. I'll post as I can. This particular book has no title yet, so if something suggests itself, please tell me. The series will be titled 'DragonLade'. But I had to change the book title cause I want to save it for a later book This is a story of dragons and goblins and... well, it begins with a young elf playing the knight errant and his magical sword... well, it doesn't begin with him. There's a mini-story prologue first, but you need that little fairy-tale to begin. This is mostly a tale of the elf, Gilderoth, and his adventures with the vargren (an anthromorphic wolf-man). (and his side encounter with the fey... sorry, China and Vicious have now turned my milk sour and hidden my spatulas because I forgot to mention them.)

Midnight and Amber Chpt 1

No change to document, just shifting parts between two files to make it fit as Extranet decided after 2 years that it was too long. Another of those old tales I wrote ages ago and haven't quite completed. This one I just lost my momentum (ie my muse got bored with it and REALLY ticked off at the guy who was 'helping' me with it) somewhere around chapter 10. Thought you guys might like something new to peer at. This one is an episodic adventurerer novel with lots of side characters but two main ones. All the 'adventures' (aka chapters) have one or the other of these two in it or both as it is for these two that the book is named. Read, hopefully enjoy, either way, tell me what you think.

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