Sandy Lim

December 2006 - January 2007: Wow, I haven't updated this page since....... many years... Well that's what happens when you are studying Cartoon animation (you only draw full-time for your teachers... :( ) Well I'm done now, got my diploma (well actually I have to go to school and get it... It's still waiting for me but the school is kinda far from home). I've got four new pieces. The Lineage 2 fan arts were actually done since a while, but the Zelda TP one is done just recently (actually that fan art is kinda my first drawing since I graduated months ago... eek.. I need to draw more >_ Since I won't update my other gallery for a while (no inspiration). Humm I guess this bio is considered "up-to-date" lol...  I really need to draw more >__