God made this girl cry...

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Kenneth Woo

General Mutant Termination G-Type Cyborg is the model name for this genocidal tool for the MGS (Mutant Genocide Society), but many operatives prefer to call it the 'God Made This Girl Cry' because of the sad history the subjects of this project has. Consisting of young orphans picked of the streets of Tarrentine, they were psycho-conditioned to withstand the rigours of prolonged combat within the complex undercity. Many thought this was a good thing, to give the homeless of Tarrentine a way to feed themselves and become useful in a society that demands perfection. They we're promised their freedom, a pension and residence after 2 years of service. But those two years never came. As they worked almost 23 hour shifts, high dosages of combat drugs were being pumped into these poor soldiers to keep them on their feet, fix their wounds and in optimum performance. Within months, their minds slowly took the toll of over dosage. Their memories started fading away and soon they lost their personality. Basic functions like speech and even the ability to smile soon withered away, leaving nothing more than a machine that only knew the things they had vigourously done daily for the past few months... Even if the MGS released them after their service, these young adults would become useless out there. Without even the ability to conjure a thought, these GMTGC's wouldn't even be able to spend the pension they received! The project was ended immediately. But because of it's initial response, there were already at least a thousand GMTGCs on the field. The MGS could do nothing more than to utilise them until they eventually passed away. ps: The main reason why they truly got their nicknames is because no matter what anyone tried to do, it seemed that the only emotion these GMTGCs could show was sorrow. It is unknown whether it is their terrible predicament that caused them to woe or merely the fatigue from the constant combat that caused this. But occasionally, a tear would trickle down their cheeks, as if for a brief moment they remembered who they were and knew they could never be themselves again.

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