Robert Sankner

I was born in 1951 and raised in New Jersey. I now live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife Patty, and three daughters: Shannon, Kelly and Erin. Do you detect an influence from my wife's Irish heritage? I have always had an interest in painting and drawing. I started by copying the comic strips from the newspapers and advanced to comic books, especially Spiderman (my fan letter appeared in Spiderman #22). I devoured Edgar Rice Burroughs when I was young and copied the J. Allen St. John illustrations from the hardcover books and Frank Frazetta and Roy G. Krenkel from the Ace paperbacks. I also loved it when Lancer started putting out the Conan series with their great Frazetta covers. I was in heaven when Creepy, Eerie and Blazing Combat were published by Warren. These mags as well as Marvel Comics provided all the inspiration a kid needed. I even got one of my drawings published in the fan section of Creepy. So did Bernie Wrightson, by the way. I also had some drawings published in a Burroughs fanzine. I entered art shows at the age of 16 and began winning prizes which continued throughout my life. The most recent was Honorable Mention 4th Quarter 1995 from the L Ron Hubbard Future Illustrators competition. My current favorites are Brom, Michael Whelan and Keith Parkinson. I highly recommend the Spectrum annuals of fantasy and science fiction art for those who aren't familiar with them. I also do wildlife, landscapes, and military artwork. But you can guess where my real interest lies.Update: I served the last two years on active duty in the US Army. I spent 2007 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Last year I was in Fort Leavenworth Kansas. This year I'm a civilian contractor in Herat, Afghanistan working with the Afghan army. I don't have much time to do new artwork. I uploaded two gouache paintings I did last year and some older stuff. I have illustrations appearing in Startling Stories published by Wildcat Press available at Amazon Books as well as The Norse Gods, not yet available. Thanks, everyone,for your kind words of encouragement.