Sanne Harder

Welcome to my gallery!A little info about myself, just in case you were wondering: I’m a 30-ish chick with a penchant for science fiction and fantasy – oh, and role-playing characters in any of those two settings, or any other multiverse you can possibly think of.  What inspires me: My favourite contemporary illustrator is probably Dave McKean. I luuurve his artwork! On a more classical note, there’s Alphonse Mucha, who was a wonderful art nouveau illustrator, and Carl Larsson, one of Mucha’s contemporaries, who actually inspired Disney for the backgrounds in ’Snow White’. If I’m looking for inspiration for colours, I turn to the impressionist movement – Munch particularly. And if we’re talking fantasy, I have always been a great admirerer of Alan Lee (you know - one of the guys who did artwork for the Lord of the Rings films).I don’t feel that I have a certain style. With all due respect, I feel that only drawing comic book-inspired drawings is a little like only listening to the Beatles. Although it’s a great band, there is so much other music that you don’t want to miss! As long as it’s 2D, I use all the different media that are available to me, e.g. pastel/gouache, acrylics, collage, photography and oil colour, and even sometimes little installations (you won't see all of that here, as not everything I do is in the genres of Elfwood). So far I have only used Photoshop to do retouching and editing, but that is for lack of ability, not because I don’t want to.